For Iman, videography is more than just a passion. It is a craft she has honed over years of being behind the camera on TV sets and pursuing postgraduate studies in motion graphics and motion pictures. Her dedication for this field has only grown as she pursues bolder and more challenging projects at work and beyond. 

Iman especially enjoys shooting various kinds of timelapse videos, including the night sky, milky way and city landscapes. Many of her independent projects are featured on her social media pages, where she has a growing audience that appreciates her work. Her videography skills also add to her flair for video content creation as Associate Creative Director at an Advertising and Design boutique agency based in Dubai.

Check out more photography work on my Instagram account @imanqu

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Timelapse

A timelapse showcasing the Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed in Abu Dhabi city, UAE, as part of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosqure Award 2019.


Above The Clouds

Have you ever seen how the fog starts emerging and cover the city? From the top of Burj Khalifa this is a timelapse showcasing the beautiful force of nature covering the whole city and left me feels like I am floating on the clouds!


Milkyway Timelapse

Nothing more beautiful that a sky full of stars.. Have a moment alone to reflect.. to witness the beauty of our universe. This is the most beautiful dark sky with clearest milkyway i have seen in my life. This video is a mix of a footage taken by my drone and a timelapse in the Empty Quarter desert in Abu Dhabi using my Canon EOS R camera.

Karnak Morning

A Timelapse through Karnak Temple