Various Logo Creation

The below are selective examples of logo creation done for several clients over the past years


Identity Design



Best Voice - Sing!

This show was the first talent-show officially produced in Palestine, looking for the best voice among Palestinian youth. The branding strategy was aimed to show both musical & youth spirit of the show through making the logo (which is the name of the show) typo-graphed like a Treble Clef shape and & a profile of a singer.

Buhayra Laoung

Logo design for an Arabic-style pool lounge in the Palace Hotel, Dubai. 


Ya Khabar is a comedy website with funny takes on the current news and events. The logo was designed in a comic/typographic style to fit the atmosphere and to be readable at the same time.


Artgate LLC is a company sourcing, developing and investing in unique Food & Beverage concepts within the UAE. We were asked to create an identity and branding for the newly established company. The main play within the logo was choosing on the ‘G’ visually to symbolize the gateway.

Palestine Alghad Satellite Channel

The whole idea behind this brand is the meaning beyond its name فلسطين الغد which is “Palestine of Tomorrow”.. and that made me driven by the meaning that “Palestine creates the Future” . This sentence gave me an idea to play with the typographical Arabic initials of the channel names.. as letter F ف will be broken to create the letter G غ from it. Therefore we will have two letters merged in one symbol.

UX Arabia

Clean & Care

I was asked to do a re-brand for a cleaning company called “Clean & Care” and known as “C&C”. My approach in to find a new logo and brand for C&C was a follow: As Clean & Care care about cleaning to a very detailed level, there was the starting point of inspiration to create a new logo for the company. The cleaning team aim to clean and care about details in their work, & what is more detailed than the molecules that create the cleaning products? The logo aims to show the creation of the two letters C in a refreshing way.

Dubai Quays