Filastin Alghad Satellite Channel Identity


Filastin Alghad Satellite Channel (Palestine Tomorrow)


The whole idea behind this brand is the meaning beyond its name فلسطين الغد which is "Palestine of Tomorrow".. and that made me driven by the meaning that "Palestine creates the Future" . This sentence gave me an idea to play with the typographical Arabic initials of the channel names.. as letter F ف will be broken to create the letter G غ from it. Therefore we will have two letters merged in one symbol.

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    An initial draw of the logo which plays with typographic of two Arabic letters ف and غ as they are the initials of Palestine Tomorrow Satellite Channel in Arabic فلسطين الغد both are sharing the dot on top of the letter body.


    The main outline of the logo consisting of three parts, red: representing the letter F ف dark blue: representing letter Gh غ yellow: is representing the dot on both letters